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Featured Weddings

Here are a few of the City Weddings, Stately Homes Weddings and Barn Weddings we have photographed. We have selected just a few images from each Featured Wedding. Whether you have chosen to have a small, intimate wedding or something on a more lavish scale, you will receive over 500 edited photographs. If you at an early stage of planning your wedding day then you will find our Frequently Asked Questions page most useful.

We hope our featured weddings choice illustrates how we will be at your side, unobtrusively, as your day unfolds.

How couples style their wedding

How will YOU style your wedding? If you are still undecided then why not visit visit our blog on themed weddings. Here we have highlighted what we consider to be the Top 10 Most Popular Wedding Themes, from a floral theme to an outdoor theme – and many more in between, to suit all bridal tastes.