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Destination Wedding Photography

Some favourite destination wedding locations

I am always willing to accommodate your destination wedding requirements, wherever it may take me. My favourite locations have been on The Algarve in Portugal; in The Alps, Switzerland; and on the beautiful island of Alderney in the Channel Islands.

Whether you are planning a wedding celebration around the Mediterranean Sea or across the Irish Sea, in Mexico or the Maldives, the planning and preparation we undertake is nearly always the same.

Frequently asked questions about Destination Wedding Photography

What is the cost for a destination wedding?

Our destination wedding photography prices are the same as our UK wedding photography prices. The only additional costs for our clients are flight tickets, baggage fees and accommodation. We usually stay two nights but that can be dependent on the length of the event.

How many people do we need to fly out?

Myself, plus I would strongly recommend a second photographer for a destination wedding. We would depart for the destination the day before. This allows plenty of time to check out your wedding venue. We also need to be sure we will be at the location in time for the wedding, should there be flight delays. In addition, we will be available, at no extra cost, to cover any event you are planning the evening before the wedding. For the departing flight, we typically have tickets booked the day after the wedding, usually at a later time, as we will expect to be working well into the early hours on your wedding day.

Do I need to book the flights?

If you wish to use your travel miles or frequent flyer rewards, please do. To save our clients any extra work, we usually book our own flights and accommodation. We always travel economy and would seek out budget rooms. All would be agreed with you in advance.

Should I hire a wedding photographer who is already located at my wedding destination?

Not necessarily. Hiring photographers from your wedding location can be more expensive and can also be riskier when it comes to receiving your images. It is not only more difficult to communicate details about your wedding day but should you have questions about your images after the event, there is the strong possibility of having to deal with a prolonged exchange of correspondence. It is far easier to deal with someone you have met in person and have had contact with several times before your wedding day. When your wedding photographer arrives at your wedding you want that person to be more like a friend than a stranger!

Here are a few images from a winter destination wedding in Switzerland….

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