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How I work

Unlock the secret of good wedding photography

How I work gives an insight into getting the best results from a professional wedding photographer on your wedding day and will unlock the secret of good wedding photography.

Firstly, there is no wedding too small or too far away that doesn’t deserve to be beautifully documented by S.R.Urwin Wedding Photography. Whether it is an intimate wedding with just your closest friends and family, or something on a grander scale, a professional wedding photographer will ensure your precious memories are preserved to share with loved ones, for ever.

How I work to capture feelings and emotions

Good photography is more than a fancy camera. I’ve spent years perfecting my skills and countless hours photographing weddings. I know how to get the shot predictably, every time. I know what makes a great composition and how to capture feelings and show emotions, in a beautiful way.

The right place at the right time

A professional wedding photographer will know the flow of the day having photographed many weddings before. Experience will dictate exactly where to be positioned for the perfect angle for your first kiss, or when that close family member sheds a tear.

How I work with variable lighting conditions

A professional photographer won’t be fazed by bad lighting conditions. It could be a dark church ceremony or dance floor, or maybe an overly bright reception hall. Regardless, I will know within seconds where the best light will be, and the best spot to stand.

After the flowers have wilted, and your guests have gone, the only thing you’ll have are your wedding photos. It would be a shame to have them anything less than perfect.

How I work with wedding guests

What turns a wedding into an event are the people you choose to invite. That’s why at your wedding, your VIP’s become my VIP’s.  I understand weddings are more than just the union of two individuals – they are to celebrate the coming together of two families. That is why I ensure we devote proper time and attention to all family members and guests.

Natural and comfortable photography

There are times during the day when I need to focus on natural posing. Whether you feel awkward in front of a camera or are a natural, I will make sure I give you as much direction as you need to create natural, comfortable poses. I will always pay attention to unflattering angles and awkward expressions. At the same time I will be creating an environment where your personalities and affection for each other are the focal points.

…and when the sun starts to go down my focus will turn to you, friends and family members having FUN!!

How I work to get the best wedding photographs

Choosing the right professional wedding photographer is never easy. My advice to couples is always to make sure you CONNECT with the photographer you decide on. Make time to get to know each other and then it won’t feel like you have invited a stranger to your wedding. You will be surprised at what a difference this can make to your final photographs.