S.R. Urwin Photographic Style
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Candid, natural photography

Whether its bridal prep at home, exchanging rings during the wedding ceremony or weeping over father’s speech, my style of wedding photography is best described as authentic and honest. I focus on candid and natural expressions with, at times, a hint of direction from me!

Finding amazing opportunities in ordinary settings and scenery is what I am seeking. I will be striving to bring out the most comfortable and natural side of you.

After photographing weddings for over 10 years, my experience tells me all weddings have opportunities for emotive photojournalism. When father-of the-bride catches the first sight of his daughter in her wedding dress, the result should be expected.

Throughout the day, I will be looking out for those natural, romantic moments too. This is often when the two of you are alone, strolling hand-in-hand, just reflecting on how this magical day is unfolding.

When the time is right, there will be golden moments. This is an opportunity to shoot against beautiful natural backdrops or dramatic skies. These moments are usually captured when the sun is low in the sky and an in-depth knowledge of photographic technique and professional lighting starts to pay dividends. Below, illustrates what is possible.

The same techniques are employed to bring out the very best images of your first dance as a married couple. As this never-to-be-forgotten event draws to a close, you will see me on the dance floor with your family and friends, still capturing your special day as you continue to celebrate long into the evening.

I appreciate clients who appreciate detail. You will find my images include all those things you have worked so hard to pull together and the things you’ll probably otherwise forget. I am always focusing on candid, natural unscripted moments which will happen throughout your wedding…

….and also those little pieces and parts you have woven together to make it YOUR day.