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Wedding style Themes and Venues

If your are still at an early stage of planning your memorable day, you may not have thought too much about wedding style themes and venues. Nevertheless, as you move through the planning process, your event will develop a theme and style of its own.

Rustic-style or elegant weddings, the choice is yours

Choosing between wedding style themes and venues tends to move forward once you have booked your venue. For example, a wedding barn-style venue such as The Kingscote Barn in the Cotswolds (a favourite of mine!) may lend itself to a rustic themed wedding. A stately home such as Stoneleigh Abbey would be perfect for a stylish and elegant affair. Wedding budgets do play their part but, generally, I find it is the personalities of the couple which is the driving factor. For help on shortening your list of wedding style themes and venues you can visit my blog on Top 10 Wedding Themes and Oxfordshire Wedding Venues.

Inspiration for wedding style themes and venues

Here is a selection of photographs chosen to illustrate various wedding style themes and venues. You may draw some inspiration from these images when planning your wedding day.

Real Weddings

If you would like to see a collection of photographs taken at the weddings of individual couples, then visit my Blog page. Below are links to videos of a collection of images taken at a Barn Wedding and a Countryside Wedding. The third video is just a collection of photographs I particularly like and taken at different weddings around the UK and abroad.

  1. Just a Perfect Day
  2. An English Countryside Wedding
  3. Magical Moments