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London and City Weddings

Now you have decided to marry, your first decision will be – WHERE. Do you pick a venue close to where you live or choose a place near where you first met?  Should you find a swanky location in the capital for a London wedding, or do you escape to the country to be surrounded by rolling landscapes and beautiful backdrops? London and City weddings do come with advantages, and they don’t necessarily have to be staged in the capital.

City Wedding or Country Wedding?

The location of the ceremony and reception effects many elements of your special day. London and City Weddings will have good transport links. If your wedding venue is too remote this may limit your choice of caterers and the number of guests who are able to attend. London or City Weddings will have a wide choice of accommodation for your guests, and to suit all budgets. Those guests who have to relieve babysitters, or who would rather not stay over after the party, will welcome plenty of public transport or taxi options.

Photographing London and City Weddings

It would be difficult to find locations for London or City Weddings to rival the natural beauty of a countryside wedding venue. That does not mean, however, a professional wedding photographer cannot produce stunning images of your special day. Many London wedding venues licensed for marriage ceremonies are historically important buildings with elegant interiors, and a lavishly designed central London hotel will provide beautiful backdrops for a wedding breakfast. A good example of this is Sarah and Adam’s wedding held at London’s 5-star Kimpton Fitzroy hotel.

Simple city street architecture, such as a dimly-lit cobbled alley, a set of ornate railings or a Georgian doorway, will help to play a part in me shooting extraordinary images you can treasure for ever.

London and City Weddings with a Difference

Your choice of wedding venue will say a lot about you! One of the best ways to ensure your guests will remember your wedding day is to pick a quirky wedding venue. London and City Weddings give you the widest choice of out-of-the-ordinary venues from nightclubs to warehouses. For something more off-the-wall then why not a zoo or an aquarium! You can be sure your wedding photographer will thank you for it!!