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Kimpton Fitzroy London Hotel Wedding

This 5-star Kimpton Fitzroy London Hotel Wedding Breakfast was hosted by Sarah and Adam at a venue which likes to be known as “A London Hotel Like No Other “. Certainly, family and friends who gathered to celebrate their marriage, would not disagree with such a bold statement. What a fascinating and historic Bloomsbury hotel this turned out to be.

A landmark building, the Kimpton Fitzroy occupies a full block along the eastern side of Russell Square, in central London. Designed in the style of the Chateau de Madrid in Paris, the Hotel Russell, as it was formerly known, opened in 1900. The architect was Charles Fitzroy Doll. The expression “all dolled up” is attributed to him. Immediately opposite the hotel is a peaceful and well-maintained park where we were able to shoot great location photographs with Sarah and Adam together with their bridesmaids. These gardens played a major role in the 1919 novel ‘Night And Day’ by writer Virginia Woolf, who lived nearby.

The majesty of the terracotta facade of the hotel, with it’s turrets and arches, continues inside, where contemporary touches sit well with period features. You are greeted with four life-size statues of British Queens , marble staircases and an original mosaic floor featuring the Zodiac.

The hotel’s former Neptune Restaurant was said to be almost identical to the stricken RMS Titanic’s dining room, also designed by Doll. On the second floor staircase of the Kimpton Fitzroy London Hotel sits ‘Lucky George’. This particular bronze dragon was more fortunate than its identical copy, who sadly went down with the Titanic.

The Wedding Ceremony

Groom and Bridal Preparation took place at Sarah and Adam’s respective homes. Sarah was attended by three bridesmaids and the bridal car to take her to the church ceremony was a white classic Rolls Royce.

St. Peter-in-Chains Church North London

Located in Stroud Green, Sarah and Adam’s church has an interesting history too. At the end of the 19th Century, Stroud Green was largely a rural suburb with cornfields on the slopes of hills. A group of residents formed the Stroud Green Catholics Association and petitioned the Archbishop of Westminster to give them their own parish, priest and church.

Coombe House was purchased and the first Mass took place in 1894. The building was renamed St Augustine’s, a name still seen over the front door. Extensive building works started and the newly designed St. Peter-in-Chains Church opened in 1902 and finally completed 6 years later. In 1964, a porch was added to the front facade. This was replaced in 2019 by the modern steel and glass structure you can now see. The beautiful church interior was redecorated in 2003, thanks to a major fund-raising effort by a lay team.

Today, the parish reflects the multi-cultural nature of the area. St. Peter’s believe 89 nationalities were represented at the last count. 

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