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Oxfordshire Micro Wedding

Now there are micro weddings and then there are micro weddings. Elspeth and James’ Oxfordshire micro wedding was the most intimate I have photographed. Their total guest list was just two adults and two toddlers.

Resolute couples who had made the decision to marry in 2020, come what may, had to seriously rethink their wedding plans. One of the more agonising decisions was always going to be who to invite. Weddings were allowed to go ahead in the Summer of 2020 but numbers could not exceed 30. By September, this number had halved and the term ‘micro wedding’ was born!

Bijou charm

Whilst Elspeth and James’ had little choice about the size of their wedding, they were still able to create an amazing charm and warmth when they staged this memorable, and very special, Oxfordshire micro wedding.

The ceremony was conducted in their parish church in Old Marston village on the edge of the city of Oxford. St Nicholas Church is a short walk from their stone cottage. Even though it was a damp Autumn day, that is exactly what they did. The wellies were a great call!

Blenheim Palace wedding photography

The weather wasn’t too unkind, so Elspeth and James strolled around the village after their church ceremony and I was able to capture romantic moments of the happy couple together. They decided to end this special day with a walk around the lake at Blenheim Palace. This resolute couple had it all planned – those wellies were coming too!

A remarkable event in remarkable times – and one I am sure I will remember for a long time.

I have photographed several weddings which have been subject to Covid-19 restrictions. In each case, the wedding had a charm and uniqueness of its own. Everyone at Louise and James’ beautiful Hertfordshire micro-wedding certainly enjoyed their day.


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