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Supporting local netball

Oxfordshire Netball Development Board officials test local netball touchline shelter

Recently, I was very pleased when my wedding photography business was approached and asked to consider supporting local netball. Oxfordshire Netball has its centre very close to where I am based in Oxford. It is also home to Oxford City Football Club, who established the site, and now both Junior and Seniors Leagues play local netball weekly under floodlights at this superb venue.

Funding for local netball touchline shelter

I have stood on the touchline watching my sister play local netball on many a freezing cold evening and have even been the official scorer! So when Oxfordshire Netball Development Board sought funding for a touchline shelter for players and coaches, I really felt this was a positive contribution I could make to support local netball in a constructive way.

Local netball shelter carries sponsor’s name

A local netball sponsorship arrangement offers excellent publicity for my wedding photography and now my logo is proudly emblazoned on a smart new shelter. Pictured above, dry and warm, are local netball officials trying out the new facility.

Local netball volunteers

The ONDB promote the development of local netball across our area. Oxfordshire Netball is affiliated to England Netball, as are over 1,500 Oxfordshire members. The Board brings together volunteers from all aspects of netball in the county. Volunteers are tasked with developing local netball and are involved in umpiring, coaching, facility development, school links, talent development, disability and welfare.

Developing local netball skills

Oxfordshire Netball Development Board works alongside Netball South, England Netball, Oxfordshire Sports Partnership, local authorities, schools and other sporting bodies. This allow players and officials to develop their skills to enhance local netball within our county. The end goal is to broaden participation in netball in all locations, for all who want to play.



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