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Probably the most Luxurious Wedding Albums in the World!

Queensberry, based in New Zealand, believe in beautiful wedding photography, beautifully presented.  You will stand out from the crowd with one of their exclusive handmade albums.

We offer several Queensberry wedding albums from an extensive range. These cover sizes and print options for every purpose, taste and price point. Our albums start from £300.

Flushmount Albums

Flushmount albums are the most popular. This un-matted album is bold and contemporary, with maximum choice and design options. Queensberry offer two types of un-matted Flushmount album, Panorama and Classic.

Panorama Flushmounts are available with heavy-weight or medium-weight pages. The prints are creased, not cut, at the spine. Traditional photographic (silver-halide) printing is normal, in which case, medium-weight pages offer more capacity. This allows up to 45 pages (90 sides) as against 30 heavy-weight  pages (60 sides). Fine Art (inkjet) printing is also available but with medium-weight pages only, and a maximum of 30 pages (60 sides). 

In Classic Flush albums the prints are cut, not creased, at the spine. This allows for offset-printed art pages. A beautiful, textured, watercolour look which is very popular.

Included in the price is album design and a free personal title page. 

Flushmounts are available in sizes from 8×8 inches up to 18×12 inches. You can choose from our wide range of cover materials and cover styles. Albums are supplied in a soft velvet bag and presentation box (sizes 10×10 and over).

Duo Albums

Duo Albums  –  Queensberry’s signature albums turn your wedding photographs into art. Duo albums are a marvel of meticulous craftsmanship and technology that enables Queensberry to make every page unique. You can add a wealth of ways to personalise the album and Duo truly is the perfect way to tell your story. You can combine Matted and Flushmount pages in the same album, to bleed images out to the edge of matted pages on one or more sides and to add ‘wing’ and ‘flip’ pages. Pages are mounted Pagemount style (that is, with the photos trimmed to fit inside the card mat to expose the core page). Overlay mounting is also available. Pages are clean cut, with no edging or corners. A Duo is available with ivory or black mats and core pages. Printed on Kodak Endura Lustre photographic paper with traditional silver-halide technology – a real work of art!

Overlay Matted Albums

Overlay Matted Albums are contemporary ‘no-edge’ albums, a simpler, more modern take on the classic matted album. With a wide range of printing methods, paper stocks and personal options, it’s easy to customise your design. Pages are mounted overlay style, with the photo mounted behind a card frame and with clean cut edges (no edging or corners). Available with ivory or black mats and with ivory or black core pages. You can choose from a range of papers to print your photographs.

Copy Albums

Copy Albums (sometimes called Parent Albums) are small-scale replicas of a larger original album. They are ordered as optional extras added to the original album order and a great way of saying “thank you” to parents. Copy Albums cannot be purchased independently and are made with Panorama Flushmount pages. Queensberry cannot create matted pages in these small sizes, so with matted albums the mat texture and any border colour effects are digitally replicated.

The cover material of Copy Albums is matched to the larger original but the covers are plain and un-padded. The album is presented in a velvet bag. These albums are available in 5-inch, 7-inch and 10-inch (13, 18 and 25cm) sizes. Those measurements refer to the larger dimension (width or height) of the album and are very competitively priced!

A beautifully designed and crafted album will bring memories of your wedding day flooding back every time you reach for it.

A keepsake for future generations

S.R.Urwin Wedding Photography heavily discount Queensbury Albums. We recognise such a luxuriously presented collection of photographs will not only be treasured now but also become a keepsake. What better way to pass on a record of a momentous day in your life, and something to be cherished by future generations.

Should you wish to explore the possibility of acquiring a fine art album at any time then I will be delighted to meet with you, show samples and discuss all pricing options.